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Mechanical Breakdown Protection


Volkswagen vehicles are known for quality and dependability, but even the most well engineered vehicles require repairs.  Volkswagen Protection Plus Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP) covers many costly vehicle components that can potentially fail over time.


VWPP MBP offers comfort in knowing your vehicle is protected should an unexpected covered breakdown occur.  Simply take your vehicle to any Volkswagen delaership in Canada or the continental United States, and our factory trained technicians will handle the rest.  With several coverage levels, term lengths and deductibles, VWPP mechanical breakdown protection can be customized to meet your needs.  MBP is available for many VW models, new or used!


Ease the burden of future mechanical repairs today with Volkswagen Protection Plus Mechanical Breakdown Protection!


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Appearance Protection


Preserve that pristine look for years to come!


You love everything about your new Volkswagen, the shiny paint, impeccable wheels and perfect interior; doesn't it make sense to keep it that way?  With VWPP Appearance Protection you can ensure that your vehicle is kept in immaculate condition for years to come.  Appearance Protection is an interior and exterior coverage plan designed to takethe worry out of life's little mishaps, such as a door ding at the shopping centre, a windshield chip, or a coffee spill.


Appearance Protection will help maximize your vehicle's value too, as a vehicle that is well maintained will generally hold its market value.  With coverage available for new, Certified Pre-owned and used Volkswagen vehicles, there is sure to be a plan that suits your needs.