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Welcome to Our Service Department!

Our Professional team of experienced Volkswagen Service Consultants and Volkswagen trained service technicians are here to assist you. Trust your Volkswagen to people who know it best!  We aim to fix it right the first time! At New Sudbury Volkswagen we have the latest diagnostic tools and repair techniques, authorized and approved by Volkswagen. Bring your vehicle to us and see for yourself.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns our skilled staff would be happy to assist you. At New Sudbury Volkswagen we are here to exceed your expectations, every time!


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Our Services


Scheduled Maintenance

The best way to ensure your Volkswagen keeps running like the day it rolled out of the showroom is to follow the factory recommended maintenance schedule.  Factory maintenance plans are developed by Volkswagen to ensure your VW gets the services it needs at the right time and mileage to ensure peak performance worry free driving.  All Volkswagen vehicles have scheduled maintenances that include oil and filter changes every 15,000kms.  Our factory trained technicians have the tools and technical knowhow to ensure you VW gets the love it needs.

Not sure what service your VW Needs?  Check out its unique maintenance timeline Here

  • Oil Changes: The oil filter is responsible for the purity of the engine oil.  It removes carbon deposits, soot and metal particles.  Original filters are designed by Volkswagen to ensure high dirt retention, outstanding level of filtration, pressure resistant housings, and resistance to high temperatures.  From $99

  • Filters: Each VW is equipped with a series of filters each serving its own unique purpose. The engine air filter prevents dirt from entering the engine combustion chamber and ensures peak fuel economy and performance.  The dust and pollen filter prevents dust, allergens, and contaminants from entering the passenger compartment. The fuel filter removes any dirt or contaminants from the fuel before it is injected into the cylinders.

  • Batteries: The starter battery is responsible for storing energy produced by the alternator while driving as well as for supplying energy required to start and run your Volkswagen.  The ever growing number of computers, electronics, and control modules in vehicles as well as consumers such as A/C, heating, fans, and lighting place a great demand on your battery.  As us about a free battery check on your vehicle today! Replacements from $129

  • Coolant: Coolant protects your engine system against freezing and excessively high temperatures.  The engine temperature in your VW can reach as high as 2000°C.  Engine coolant works by expanding and transferring this heat to the radiator cooling the vehicle.  Insufficient levels or diluted coolant can cause internal and irreversible damage to your engine.  Ensure your vehicle is properly protected with a coolant flush.  From $99

  • Spark Plugs: Spark plugs work by igniting the compressed fuel/air mix in the combustion chamber in your engine to produce the energy to drive the vehicle.  With one in each cylinder, every spark plug must deliver an average of 3,500 sparks per minute while withstanding pressure and temperature up to 3,000°C.  Frequent short distance drives or use at maximum power can cause increased wear on your spark plugs.  Ensure consistent performance and driving comfort by replacing your spark plugs at the required interval.  From $139


Brake Services

Your safety when driving can only be ensured if your brake system is in perfect working order, because only then can you respond quickly and safely in a dangerous situation.  This is why the brake system is the most important safety component in your vehicle.  Keep your braking system operating at its best with our range of brake services and our range of Volkswagen Original components:


  • Brake system inspections: Have your brake system checked to ensure peak performance, from $49
  • Brake fluid replacement: Reduce the chance of brake failure from diluted fluid, from $99
  • Brake pad and brake rotor replacement: Replace worn, rusted, or warped pads and rotors, from $399 installed


Tire Services

Making sure you have the right tires for your VW can be a daunting task, but our service team has the knowledge to help you make the right choice.  With top tier tire brands like Continental, Pirelli, and Toyo finding the right set of all-season, summer, or winter tires is easy!  We offer a suite of tire services including rotations, seasonal changeovers, tire wear inspections, flat tire repair, mount and balancing, wheel alignments, as well as a great range of Original Accessory wheels!

  • Tire rotations and seasonal changeovers from $39
  • Mounting and balancing from $29 per tire
  • Two wheel alignments from $79
  • Four wheel alignments from $119

See our seasonal tire offers Here


Windshields and Windshield Wipers

Your windshield is a critical safety component of your vehicle.  It is a load bearing part of your vehicles body that must be able to withstand the stress of an opening airbag.  Your Volkswagen Original windshield also helps reduce road noise, provide glare and UV protection, and ensure high optical quality.  VW Original windshield wipers contribute significantly to traffic safety by wiping away precipitation, dust, and road debris.  Your wipers will cover an average distance of 800km over the windshield in only 6 months!  Buy a new set of VW wiper blades and we will install them free!


  • Windshield Replacement: Ensure your safety by replacing broken and cracked windshields, from $299
  • Windshield Wiper Replacement: Make sure you can see in adverse conditions with a new set of VW Wipers, from $30


Diagnostic Services

Whether you have a malfunction light on, a strage noise or vibration, or your vehicle just isnt running the way its supposed to, our factory trained technicians have the technical know how and access to state of the art diagnostic equipment to help identify and repair the issue.  For more information please call or email us to get in contact with a service advisor!


Service Department Amenities

We want to make the process of servicing your Volkswagen as comfortable as possible.  We offer various options and amenities that will help make the most of your time and make servicing your VW easier!  We know your time is valuable and we respect that!


When booking an appointment you have the option to wait in our VW customer lounge, or to take our customer shuttle to a destination within Greater Sudbury.  We also offer a complimentary daily service loaner for customers bringing their vehicle in for more lengthy services. Subject to availability.

For longer services we offer special customer rates for quality rental vehicles within Greater Sudbury and across Northern Ontario.  Our network of rental agencies allows us to secure transportation across the North to ensure our customers stay mobile while they vehicles are in for service.  Ask your service advisor for details!



Service Department - New Sudbury Volkswagen